Cycle A Homilies
        1st Sunday of Advent
        2nd Sunday of Advent
        3rd Sunday of Advent, II
            Immaculate conception, II, III
        4th Sunday of Advent
        Christmas I, II, III, IV
        Holy Family Cicle A, Cicle B, Cicle C
        The Virgin Mary, Mother of God. World Peace Day. January 1st. I, II, III
            The Life of Mary
        Second Sunday after Christmas
        Epiphany of the Lord I, II, III, IV
        Baptism of the Lord I, II, III
Ordinary Time
Holy Week
Ordinary Time
        30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
        31st Sunday in Ordinary Time
            All Saints, 1st November
            All Souls, 2nd November
        32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
        33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
        Christ the King, II, III